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Exclusive – Rep. Marsha Blackburn: Unleashing the American Economy

Capitol Hill is surrounded by an endless supply of negative hyperbole — from liberal fear mongering to doomsday rhetoric to mainstream media talking heads. From what you may hear on the news, it feels like America’s best days are behind us.

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Exclusive–Marsha Blackburn Details Plan for Buying Health Insurance Across State Lines

Over the last 7 years, while we’ve painstakingly watched Obamacare nearly destroy our healthcare system in America, we have learned quite a bit, though, to Republicans, none of it is too surprising. As it turns out, Americans want choices. They want flexibility. They want health insurance that works for them and their families. They do not want to be told what plan to buy, when to buy it, or where to buy it. They are sick of health insurance plans they can hardly afford to buy and that are too expensive to use. They are tired of struggling to pay premiums that continue to skyrocket year after year. Sadly, Democrats have not taken those concerns into consideration.

Members of Congress come and go from the office of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) at the U.S. Capitol March 23, 2017 in Washington, DC. Ryan and House GOP leaders postponed a vote on the American Health Care Act after it became apparent they did not have enough …

Hillary Clinton — Untrustworthy and Ineffective

Constituents in my congressional district routinely ask me about the chances of Hillary Clinton being elected President. Hard-working Tennesseans are gravely concerned about what another four years of Obama-like policies will do to our country. They know America is headed in the wrong direction. However, I am convinced that Hillary Clinton will not be elected because she is untrustworthy and ineffective.

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Congress Needs Transparency Before It Could Consider Resettlement of Syrian Refugees

The Obama Administration has announced its intention to resettle a minimum of ten thousand Syrian refugees in the U.S. I have significant compassion for refugees fleeing the Islamic State, but the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) has not been transparent or accountable in the past.

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ObamaCare: Five Years of Smoke and Mirrors

I was recently reminded of a line from Mark Twain’s autobiography: “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Another way of thinking is that in order for statistics to be meaningful, they must be scrutinized. The recent statistic that 16.4 million people have gained insurance under Obamacare invites our scrutiny.

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What About The American Worker?

The biggest casualty of the President’s executive amnesty, aside from the Constitution, has been the American worker. President Obama is handing out millions of work permits to illegal aliens at a time when many Americans are struggling to find a job. It is difficult to grasp why President Obama seems more interested in lending a helping hand to illegal aliens than American workers. Sadly, the issuance of work permits is often an overlooked part of the President’s amnesty.

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