Danish Zoo Kills Four Lion, Including Two Cubs

This is disturbing. Instead of releasing 4 lions into the wild, or at the very least, donating them to some animal sanctuary or other zoo, the Danish zoo that killed a healthy giraffe last month has euthanized two adult lions and two cubs.

 The zoo said that the reason they killed the cubs, was because fend for themselves.

 A Danish zoo that faced protests for killing a healthy giraffe to prevent inbreeding says it has put down four lions, including two cubs, to make room for a new male lion.

 Citing the “pride’s natural structure and behavior,” the Copenhagen Zoo said Tuesday that two old lions had been euthanized as part of a generational shift. It said the cubs were also put down because they were not old enough to fend for themselves and “anyway would have been killed by the new male lion.”

Zoo officials hope the new male and two females born in 2012 will form the nucleus of a new pride.

Where are all of these animal rights groups that are so good at pressuring government to intervene in instances like this?

 Oh wait, this zoo is not in the United States, this zoo is in an country whose socialist-controlled government runs the show.


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