NBC’s Russert: ‘Near Universal Belief’ On Hill That Troops Sent To Syria Aren’t Enough, Dems Making ‘Vietnam Analogies’

NBC News Capitol Hill Correspondent Luke Russert said that there is “near universal belief” on Capitol Hill that the 50 commandos sent to Syria are “not enough” and that liberal Democrats oppose the move, with some making “Vietnam analogies” on Saturday’s “Up” on MSNBC.

Russert said, “a lot of people from where I work, usually on the hill, see this as a reaction by the White House to Russia’s continuing involvement in Syria, as well as this belief that they want to be able to hold the ground they’ve taken so far. However, I can also tell you from my conversations on Capitol Hill, there is near universal belief that 50 commandos, training, advising, and assisting, whatever that means, is not enough. If you’re really going to go in, you have to have more. … A lot of liberal Democrats that I spoke to yesterday do not want to see this escalation, they see this as a slow drip, drip, drip. I heard Vietnam analogies a few times yesterday.”

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