Brooks: You Can Acknowledge America’s Sins and Still Be Thankful to Live in the U.S.

On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks stated that it’s possible to be aware of America’s sins, but still love it and be thankful for living in “the most lovable, amazing country” in the world.

Brooks said, “We’ve been having a very healthy exercise in the country of going through our history on racial injustice, on treatment of the Native Americans. And so, we’ve laid open the sins which have to be laid open. But I think it’s still possible to love your country equally, even after being aware and paying a lot of attention to these sins. And so, giving thanks to be born and — or grown up, or living in what, to me, is still the most lovable, amazing country on the face of the Earth is something you can still say, even after looking at the history of slavery, the history of genocide, and all the other stuff. It’s possible to have a mature love for your country.”

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