FNC’s Makary: FDA Should Be Able to Turn Vaccine Applications Around in 24 Hours, They’re ‘Too Bureaucratic’ and Slow

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Bill Hemmer Reports,” Fox News Medical Contributor Dr. Marty Makary stated that the FDA is “too bureaucratic, taking too much time” on the coronavirus vaccine and they should be able to turn around applications for authorization for the vaccine in 24 hours.

Makary said, “The review committee is not interviewing subjects and volunteers. They’re not looking under a microscope at the cells or the virus. They are simply reading a piece of paper with the numbers. We have an internet now, they can get those numbers in real-time. Europe does a rolling review and they turn things around quicker. Britain is slated to get the vaccine in arms before the United States, same vaccine. The FDA has been too bureaucratic, taking too much time, and I don’t know if they’re scheduling around vacation times and tee times of the reviewers, but they should turn the application around in 24 hours.”

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