Deutsch: ‘It’s Going to Be Enjoyable’ to Watch ‘Loathsome Lizard’ Trump ‘Go Down the Drain’

Donny Deutsch said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that President Donald Trump had destroyed any future business opportunities by inciting riots at the U.S. Capitol.

Deutsch said Trump’s downfall would be “enjoyable” to watch unfold.

Deutsch said, “His brand is destroyed forever. You cannot do business with any type of partners with platforms, or whether it’s a real estate business or loan money, it’s no different than Bin Laden. You are not going to do business with Bin Laden. When you think about the logo of Trump’s business at this point, it’s those people storming the Capitol. When you think about the spokesperson from that brand, it’s the people on the horns, the people in the painted face, and those villainous critters we saw there. Donald Trump’s business is over. It will never be a name on a Donald Trump property again. It can’t exist. The powers that be he has fully castrated at this point. He has destroyed his business for himself and his family.”

He added, “It’s no longer just a far-right, leaning towards authoritative law and order, nonsense words. It’s about insurrection against our country. There is no branded product, no company or corporation. There is no business that in any way, shape, or form can or will be associated. If you are a Donald Trump hater, it is going to be fun to watch. He has no business future at all. It is over, and that is even before the Feds get a hold of him. It’s going to be enjoyable to watch this loathsome lizard of a human being go down the drain.”

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