Mark Levin: Pelosi ‘Destroyed Separation of Powers by the Use of the Impeachment Power’

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” conservative talker Mark Levin hammered House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for proceeding with the impeachment of President Donald Trump earlier in the day by passing articles of impeachment.

Levin told host Sean Hannity that Pelosi’s actions have “destroyed separation of powers.”

Transcript as follows:

HANNITY: Joining us now, the author of The New York Times number one bestseller, “Unfreedom of the Press”, the host of the number one show, “Life, Liberty & Levin”, right here on the FOX News Channel. Of course, we call him the great one.

Mark, this is your wheelhouse. You know the Constitution. You watched what happened today. Your thoughts?

MARK LEVIN, FOX NEWS HOST, “LIFE, LIBERTY & LEVIN”: Well, what we saw today is why the American people hate politics, hate Washington, and hate Congress. We also saw something else today, for the second time, there’s been an unconstitutional impeachment of an innocent man, Donald Trump. This endless war against Donald Trump is really repulsive.

And no, you cannot hold a trial against a private citizen or pursue a former president now private citizen under the impeachment clause that was never intended. So, that is just absurd. But that’s the idiocy and the insanity that’s now taking place on Capitol Hill.

A couple of things. Number one, Jerrold Nadler. Jerrold Nadler was leading the forces for impeachment again on the floor of the House, giving out time like handing out lollipops.

We heard no evidence whatsoever that the president incited anything, which I will get you in a minute. But I want to remind people about Jerrold Nadler and the Democrats and a former president by the name of Clinton.

On his last in office, President Clinton has ceded to Jerrold Nadler’s request to commute the sentences of both Linda Evans and Susan Rosenberg. Who were they?

Evans arrested with 740 pounds of dynamite intended for among other targets, the Capitol building, had 24 years left in her 40-year sentence when Clinton pardoned her at Jerrold Nadler’s request. Rosenberg arrested for weapons possession had 42 years yet to serve on her 58-year sentence.

Now, it is a sick irony to watch Jerrold Nadler stand they and everyone pat him on his rather substantial had about him going forward with the impeachment of an innocent man who didn’t incite anything. So, that’s number one.

Number two, high crimes and misdemeanors, this is their report, ladies and gentlemen. It’s 76 pages, 26 pages of which are an appendix to news articles, to essays, to speeches by former colleagues. There’s not one sliver of evidence of inciting an insurrection of any kind in this document. Fifty pages basically are not bad.

Historians are going to look at this and say, what kind of a moron wrote a document like this? Has anybody read it? No.

Now, what else do we know? We know, thanks believe it or not to “The New York Times” and “The Washington Post,” and they don’t mean it, but there were preparations in advance of this rally, in advance of the president ever going to the mall and giving a speech to attack Capitol Hill. There were militia and others who were arming up to attack the Capitol building.

Now, how do we know this? We know it because the FBI knew it. We know because the great NYPD knew it. A Virginia FBI office in Norfolk informed the Washington FBI and the Washington Department of Justice. They gave that up to the terrorism task force.

What do they do with this information? We don’t know. We don’t know before the president even spoke. We know the president wasn’t informed about it, so his Secret Service people weren’t. And they sent him into this situation without him knowing.

But here’s the deal, the former head of the Capitol police who has been removed — or resigned, he said he spoke with the sergeant at arms of the House and to be sergeant arms of the Senate, and he urged them before the crowd was there to bring in the National Guard. What did they do? They did nothing.

Who does the sergeant of arms of the House of Representatives report to? The speaker of the House. Who does the sergeant of arms of the U.S. Senate report to? Mitch McConnell at the time.

What did the sergeant of arms of the House tell Pelosi? What did the sergeant of arms of the Senate tell McConnell?

You want to know why they are rushing this thing through? Because the president didn’t incite anything. I went through his speech, I went through this phony article of impeachment. And, by the way, no matter how you cut it, we have a former federal prosecutor who did almost nothing but prosecute people who incited riots.

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro writing in “The Wall Street Journal”: No, Trump isn’t guilty of incitement. You don’t believe me? Everybody loves Turley and Dershowitz, they say exactly the same thing.

Now, there are several kinds of tyranny in this country, or in any country. We saw tyranny last Wednesday when there was armed individuals who attacked the Capitol building. I was sitting next to my wife Julie, I said to her, since when did Trump supporters have tear gas masks and helmets and are pulling hammers out of their backpacks?

That’s not Trump supporters. He had 50 rallies for the last three months. Nobody was dressed like that. So, you can smell something was wrong.

I went on my radio show and said, who are these people? We need to find out who they are. They were violent militia types, or military types. Who the hell know who they were?

But now, hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters are painted with a brush. We’re supposed to now be re-indoctrinated according to MSNBC. We are supposed to lose our jobs. We are supposed to be on hit lists.

And now, we have repression by the left, by the Democrats. Their media, their social media, we can’t even communicate with each other on in this country. They have is all tied up.

Now, who is attacking the Constitution? Nancy Pelosi has just destroyed separation of powers by the use of the impeachment power this way, she has destroyed separation of powers.

What else? Chuck Schumer wants to destroy the courts. Chuck Schumer wants to destroy the Senate. Chuck Schumer wants to destroy the Electoral College.

“Who is attacking the Constitution?,” I said. There’s different types of tyrannies. They’re the nutjobs who were armed up, and there are people in suits and ties and well-dressed, they look really good, they have perfume and cologne on, and they show up in Congress with the tyranny of the legislature.

The American people saw to tyrannies this week. One today in the House of Representatives, and one last week outside the Capitol building.

One other thing, I don’t want to hear any lecture from any left us, whether they are in the media, whether they are in politics, whether they are in entertainment or the corporate boardrooms about violence. We conservatives, we Trump supporters have been denouncing violence from day one.

You sit there and you decided to agree with the results. You sit there and decide if you agree with the name of the organization. You’re given millions of dollars to an anarchist, Marxist, violent group called Black Lives Matter. You are painting the roads with their name. “The Washington Post” even when they did this story on this preplanning militia activity, they treated Antifa and Black Lives Matter really like they were the PTA for some school or something.

You either oppose violence or you don’t. You either support the Constitution and you don’t. And the problem with the left, they cherry-pick, which means they support nothing that’s principled and righteous.

Remember Nancy Pelosi? The president sends in federal law enforcement to protect a courthouse in Portland. That’s part of government. She calls them stormtroopers. Her number two or three, Clyburn calls them stormtroopers.

They talk about defunding the police that they are systemically racist, you don’t hear that now. They’re not calling the police in Washington systemically racist. They are not calling the FBI systemically racist. They’re not saying defund federal law enforcement.

You don’t hear Mattis saying, don’t send the troops in. Don’t use the Insurrection. Well, they say we should now. And we should. We should have before.

The fact of the matter is, this country is torn apart. Why? Because they wouldn’t accept the election of Donald Trump in 2016, and everything they’ve done to this country since has been to undermine him and undermined the people who support him. That’s it.

HANNITY: The great one, Mark Levin. “Life, Liberty & Levin” Sunday night, don’t miss it.

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