Clyburn: 9/11 Style Commission Needed to Investigate Capitol Riot

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-SC) said Thursday on CNN’s “Newsroom” that a 9/11 style commission will do a serious investigation inTo allegations of an insurrection.

Anchor John King asked, “What is your understanding of the process here? Is this up to the U.S. attorney here in the District of Columbia or the D.A., the city’s D.A.? Is this up to the ethics committee?”

He added, “Who should be answering the question, did members of Congress help?”

Clyburn said, “I’ve called for a 9/11 kind of commission to do a thorough investigation of this. This is the most serious thing I’ve seen here in the Congress. Whether or not you are sitting on the floor with people who invited an insurrection, who were trying to overthrow the government, you’re supposed to be here to protect and preserve. That’s a very serious charge, and it’s been made. We need to investigate to find out the extent of any members’ involvement, if any. I believe you cannot be any more serious than that.”

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