Birx: There Was No ‘Full-Time Team’ Working on COVID Response in Trump White House

Former Trump White House coronavirus response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx said during an extended interview for the “Facing Forward ” podcast that the Trump administration had no full-time team in the White House working on the response to coronavirus.

When asked about President Joe Biden’s executive orders on the pandemic, Birx said, “I was an N of 1. So having a team at the White House that can respond to this is going to be really, really important.”

Brennan said, “You said you were just one. You were coordinator of the task force. What do you mean you were just one?”

Birx said, “There was one full-time person in the White House working on coronavirus response.”

Brennan said, “How is that possible?”

Birx said, “That’s what I was given. So what I did is, I went to my people that I’ve known all through the last years in government, all 41, and said, can you come and help me? And so I was able to recruit from other agencies, individuals.”

She added, “I was able to wicker together a group of volunteers who really helped me. I had one incredible support person, Tyler Ann McGuffee, who helped make sure that she was at meetings on time and did not miss emails. But there was no team, full-time team in the White House working on coronavirus.”

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