GOP Rep. Steube: Probe into Parler’s Role in Riot Should Include Twitter, Facebook

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” House Oversight Committee member Greg Steube (R-FL) argued that if Democrats on the committee are going to call on Parler to be investigated for its role in the Capitol riot Facebook and Twitter should also be investigated, and the singular focus on Parler is “very interesting,” given Twitter and Facebook employees largely donate to Democrats.

Steube said, “Parler’s so small in comparison to the behemoths that are big tech, to only ask them to come in and speak about these issues, I think is pretty ludicrous. Look, we know now, because the FBI has filed charges, conspiracy charges that there [are] individuals that entered the Capitol that were conspiring all the way back to New Year’s Eve in December for the riots and the entry into the Capitol that we saw, on Facebook. We know that because that was in the charging documents that the FBI used to charge these individuals with conspiracy. So, we know that Facebook and Twitter and some of these other big social media platforms were used to organize entry into the Capitol, to organize and conspire the riots that we saw that happened in the Capitol on January 6. Why in the world wouldn’t we want all of them to come in and testify before the House Oversight Committee to get all of the information of what was going on prior to the riots and the entry into the Capitol?”

He continued, “Instead, what the Democrats want to do is just focus on Parler, which is very interesting, given the fact that Twitter and Facebook give over 90% of their campaign contributions to Democrats. And Facebook alone gave over $5 million to Democrats just in 2020. So, it just waves red flags all over the place. If we’re not going to have a fair and equitable research and oversight into what actually occurred and what conspiracies were occurring on all social media platforms.”

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