GOP Rep. Donalds: Local Gov’ts, Teachers Unions Not Reopening Schools Because ‘They Are Following Political Science’

Sunday on FNC’s “Fox Report,” Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) sounded off on reopening schools across the United States as the country continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic.

Donalds, noting that schools in Florida have been open since August, emphasized the importance of reopening schools so “kids can learn and actually propel their education.” He added that local governments and teachers’ unions that are hesitant to reopen at this point “are following political science” rather than actual “science.”

“[T]his is one of those things that really it’s about local governments, local school districts, and the local teachers unions,” Donalds stated. “Washington, D.C. sending money to districts is not going to help schools reopen. Florida’s schools have been open since August of last year — since the beginning of the school year. What it took in Florida was leadership and a plan, which we developed using CDC guidelines in order to make sure our kids could get back into the classroom safely. We have provided a hybrid program for those parents who weren’t comfortable sending their children back to school, but these other states and these cities are not following the science, Jon, they are following political science. They don’t need money from D.C. These parents in these communities need to get in front of their school board members, their mayors, and frankly, their teachers’ unions and demand that they reopen so their kids can learn and actually propel their education and get their futures back on track.”

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