WATCH: Father and Son Arrested for Allegedly Causing Drag Racing Crash

A father and his son were arrested Tuesday after posting video of themselves reportedly drag racing through the Lincoln Tunnel.

Port Authority police arrested Chadwick Quinones, 25, and his dad, Fred Ordine, 44, of New Jersey once they discovered an Instagram video that reportedly showed the two racing their Corvettes through the tunnel February 9, according to NBC New York.

The dashcam footage shows the vehicles moving at high speeds through the North Tube and racing past other cars on the road around 10 p.m. that night. However, when a yellow Corvette attempts to pass, the car spins out of control and crashes into another vehicle.

“Quinones initially fled the scene but later returned and admitted his involvement in the accident. He was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, failure to exhibit registration and careless driving,” the report said.

Thankfully, no one was injured during the wreck.

When detectives saw the video after it was posted online November 7, they reopened their investigation into the incident and later determined that Quinones and Ordine were drag racing right before the crash occurred, according to ABC 7.

Following their arrest, both men were charged with first-degree reckless endangerment, illegal speed contest, and reckless driving.

“We are committed to tracking down people who commit this type of reckless behavior and prosecuting them. In doing so, we hope to deter others from doing the same,” said Port Authority Police Chief Detective Matthew Wilson.
Once Quinones posted the video online, he quickly deleted it. However, others had already reposted the footage and tagged the young man, according to Fox News.

The caption on one of the Instagram reposts said “Here go 2 idiots in the Holland tunnel #iamtaiboogie#boogieville #fail #epicfail.”

“So you want to race through a tunnel with other people who did not sign up for the idiot train…what if that was your mama in that car you hit and they died, think more like that before making such a stupid decision,” one social media user commented.


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