*Graphic Content* More Disturbing Details Emerge from Jared Fogle’s Conversations About Child Sex

AP Photo/Michael Conroy, File
AP Photo/Michael Conroy, File

Part two of an interview with Rochelle Herman-Walrond, the former reporter who spent more than four years recording intimate conversations with former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle, aired on Friday’s “Dr. Phil.”

On Thursday’s episode of the program, Herman-Walrond aired never-before-heard phone conversations with Jared Fogle, in which he described his shocking attraction to children of all ages and genders and detailed just how far he was willing to go to satisfy his sexual urges.

Fogle described his fantasies during conversations that were recoded by Herman-Walrond as part of an FBI investigation, which eventually resulted in bringing down the former weight-loss guru and corporate spokesman on child sex and pornography charges.

On Friday, “Dr. Phil” aired conversations between Jared Fogle and Rochelle, in which the pair discussed throwing a party which would be attended by children, including Rochelle’s own children, where the two would be the only adults present.

Dr. Phil McGraw and his guest also played a number of disturbing and graphic conversations about child sex.

***Warning: Graphic Content***

Rochelle informs Jared during a conversation that she has planned a party with two young boys, along with her own two prepubescent children, to which he replies, “Very, very nice.”

“I mean, I definitely want to see your kids naked, too, okay?… is that okay?” he says as the two plan the party together. “I think we could be a really, really good team. A really good team.”

Setting him up to discuss his past sex crimes for the federal government, Rochelle replies, “I agree… You’re around kids a lot, I mean you must be able to experience different things.”

Jared then requests again to see her children undressed.

Panting heavily, he says, “you have a boy and a girl? I would love to see ‘em naked.”

After being reminded both children are under the age of 12, his response is: “So which of your kids to you think I’d like better seeing naked; your son or your daughter?”

Rochelle informed “Dr. Phil” she believes the pair’s intimate relationship was but a guise for Fogle, that he planned to use in order to groom her to initiate sex with children, and he only intended to show up to the planned events so he could look for new victims.

Speaking of his status as Subway’s spokesperson, Rochelle told the show Jared Fogle used the high-profile gig to cruise schools, looking to manipulate children for sex.

When asked by Rochelle to describe his feelings going into schools over the phone, Jared says, “Yeah, especially the middle schools, I love the middle schools and that girls are starting to ****, you know? ‘Cause you know how much I love big ****.”

When she points out, “kids are maturing faster nowadays,” he responds, “I know, which I love. That’s why I think it’s wonderful with you, is that you’re able to get in early. You could totally win them over, which I love.”

“Just talk to ‘em, just get to know ‘em, just everything and just do little touchy, feely things with them, you know? Make them feel good, and a little more touchy, feely… A little more touchy feely, a little more touch feely, and it’s that kind of stuff,” says Jared while coaching her on how to initiate contact with children, adding, “I think that would be amazing.”

When asked by Rochelle what ages of children are more easily manipulated into sex acts, he replies, “early middle school is probably one of the best… They don’t know if they’re coming or going.”

“I could see you ******* out a young, you know a sixth, a seventh grader,” he says.

When asked if children tend to find sexual contact appropriate, Jared says, “They definitely are all right with that… they’re very much into exploring… it’s just a matter of getting them on your side… It just sort of goes from there… take it case by case… there’s no right way, wrong way, whatever.”

After describing techniques that seem thoroughly practiced and premeditated, Fogle recalls flying somewhere to have sex with a 6-year-old girl, whose name he cannot not recall.

During the hair-raising exchange, Jared recounts his “best” child sexual encounter, saying, “It just felt so good… little tiny *****, you know, I just started ****** out of her… it was absolutely wonderful…”

Fogle also describes performing sex acts on boys, ages 10-12.

He reveals most of his victims were in “different countries where that is a lot more accepted,” and then describes watching young boys perform sex acts on him as “amazing.”

“I made him **** ** ****. I mean, I had this little boy ******* ** ****, it was amazing,” he gleefully says of one victim.

Jared says his first encounters with a young boys took place in Thailand, but after Rochelle tells him he cant go to Asia every time he wants sex, he says he needs to “find some stuff over here.”

Additionally, when asked if he has ever been able to place a hidden camera inside a school locker room or bathroom while traveling for events, he replies, “not during school, which I wish I would be… I’d love to try and do that at some point… that would be so amazing… I’d love to, like, slip a video camera in there… at the very least and watch them [children] strip down.”

“What if we put a camera in your kids’ room, would they be okay with that?” he says, again inserting Herman-Walrond’s children into the conversation.

He also tells her during that conversation he has “thought about going on the Internet” to look for a hidden camera he can use to spy on children.

Jared Fogle is currently awaiting a Nov. 19 sentencing date in Indiana and will spend at least five years in prison as part of a plea bargain.


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