Orban: ‘The People Of Europe Are Beginning To Wake Up’

Waking Up

The people of Europe — if not their politicians —  are waking up to the fact that mass migration is a cultural, rather than just economic issue, said Viktor Orban on Radio Budapest this morning.

Speaking on the daily 180-minute early-morning current affairs chat show, the Hungarian prime minister praised the awakening conciousness of ordinary European people, and castigated their leaders for not daring to speak the truth.

As well as addressing domestic issues — house building, cutting taxes, and reforms to prevent foreign investors buying up vast swathes of the country as they have done in other European Union (EU) nations such as the United Kingdom — the Hungarian leader also spoke about Europe’s asylum problem. Mr. Orban refused to refer to the crisis as a migration problem in the interview, calling it instead an “invasion”.

Mr. Orban pulled absolutely no punches in lashing out at the fundamentally undemocratic way the EU has dealt with the invasion (“inváziónak”). Referring to the arbitrary opening of Europe’s borders to millions of migrants, and the forced relocation of these people to European member states in numbers they have no control over, Mr. Orban asked:

“It really begs the question. When and who voted on the Europe that allows millions of people to enter illegally, and then distribute them? Such a decision was never taken at an election, so today’s events lack any sort of democratic foundation.

“Today there is an orderly, legitimate progress towards a state of anarchy in the European Union.”

As well as allowing jihadist infiltrators from groups such as the Islamic State to smuggle themselves into Europe among the throngs of unchecked migrants entering the continent, Europe was also importing Middle East-specific conflicts.

Deadly street battles between Turks and Kurds are now a common occurrence in many European countries, as Breitbart London has reported regularly in the past year. From murder by auto-mobile in Switzerland, to mass brawls in Germany, to thrown bombs at protests in Sweden, many migrants to European have shown themselves to be completely unwilling to leave their grievances at home.

And all of that when migrants aren’t too busy raping or robbing their native hosts.

Mr. Orban is in a strong position to judge the performance of other European nations in the migrant invasion. Neighbouring countries are flooded with illegal migrants lured by northern European states like Sweden begging for more to come, but Mr. Orban’s Hungary has completed its border fence.

As reported by Breitbart London this morning, the completion of the project reduced illegal incursions from 10,000 a day to just a dozen or fewer.

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