World War II Veteran Searching for Good Samaritan Who Saved His Life

Homer Bryant

A World War II veteran said he was thankful to be alive this Thanksgiving after a Good Samaritan saved his life. Now, he is searching for that young man who saved his life.

Homer Bryant was on his way out of the American Legion in Greenville, South Carolina, on Saturday when his car malfunctioned.

“When I got into my car, I was putting it into reverse, and it started rolling backwards,” Bryant told WYFF.

Bryant’s 2002 Ford Crown Victoria missed several trees as it rolled down a hill and landed in a creek.

Bryant told the news station that he was calling out for help and honking his horn when he noticed a young man with dark hair and glasses wading into the creek.

The man tried to remove Bryant from the car, took Bryant’s cellphone, and called 911.

“He stayed, on the side, wet as could be — and he was determined … until the fire department and the ambulance and the police (arrived) … I would love to find this young man,” said Bryant. “I wanna thank him!”

The World War II veteran, who is 96 years old, suffered from a fractured back and neck in the accident.

Bryant and his family said they are thankful for everyone who took part in the rescue and hope that the mysterious Good Samaritan will identify himself. He believes that the man is in his early 20s.


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