Tennessee Woman Jumps into Freezing Swimming Pool to Save Dog

Ice swimming theme. Steps in the frozen blue pool ice-hole
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A Tennessee woman braved the cold and freezing weather to rescue her dog, who fell into a swimming pool that froze due to last week’s snowstorm.

Jennie Tatum said both of her dogs were outside playing when her dog, Sid, slipped and fell through the top layer of ice covering the swimming pool.

“I think he went into shock when he hit the water,” owner Jennie Tatum told WSMV. “Because he was basically floating when we found him.”

Sid was following his brother around the pool and enjoying the snow when he fell paws first into the top layer of the ice-covered pool.

Tatum, who was watching from the back porch, immediately dove into the water to save Sid, WZTV reported. Several seconds later, she found her dog and lifted him out of the pool.

Then, she called her neighbor, a practicing veterinarian, who administered an emergency shot.

The veterinarian told them that, had Sid been in that pool any longer, he would not have survived.

Tatum said her pool pump broke a week before the winter storm. Had the pump been working properly, the water would not have turned into a sheet of ice.

She added that she and her husband never use a cover for their pool.

Tatum is not the only dog owner who recently had to rescue their pup from a freezing pool. A Texas man rescued his dog last Monday after it ran across a frozen pool and fell into the ice.


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