Comedian Margaret Cho: ‘God Created Abortion’

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Left-wing comedian Margaret Cho has taken her support for Planned Parenthood to another level. Cho posed a pro-abortion argument on Twitter this week.

“I do not believe in a God who would consider abortion a sin,” she wrote. “God created abortion. As he did all of us. God created choice for all to DECIDE.”

The comedian then took her pro-Planned Parenthood support even further, by stating “Planned Parenthood helps women have babies. If you were truly pro-life, you wouldn’t take prenatal care away from low income women.”

“That’s the important part of Planned Parenthood. Planning the parenthood. That’s what it’s for. It helps low income women have babies,” she continued.

Cho then said that unborn babies are not children at all, and are just a bunch of “cells.”

“It’s not a child – it’s a bunch of cells. And the definition of ‘child’ is not yours to decide. It’s the woman’s,” she said.

Check out the tweets below:


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