Baltimore Man Arrested for Spray-Painting ‘Kill Cops’

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A Baltimore-area man has been charged with six counts of malicious destruction of property after spray-painting “killing AAC cops coming soon” on three exterior walls of a shopping center and “Kill Cops” on a directional sign.

Zachary Adam Shanor, 26, of Brooklyn Park, is also suspected of spray-painting other graffiti near his home mentioning killing police officers. He was found by police using surveillance footage. Anne Arundel County police discovered that Shanor was already in custody at Northern District for shoplifting; when they questioned him, he confessed he had painted the vitriolic messages.

Lt. Ryan Frashure, county police spokesman, attested Shanor was cooperative; Frashure said, “He was apologetic and realized that it was an ill attempt at humor, for lack of better terms.” Frashure noted the support from the community, saying, “The biggest surprise that came out of this case was the overwhelming support on social media – all the comments and feedback and calls were so supportive of the police department. I think it’s good for the guys and girls to see how the community appreciates everything we do, especially in today’s society.”

Police Chief Timothy Altomar stated, “As we knew would happen from the beginning, this case was closed with a combination of good police work and with help from the folks in the Brooklyn Park community. The Anne Arundel County Police Department would like to thank the community for stepping up and helping us identify the suspect in this case before the situation could get truly dangerous.”

Police think Shanor acted alone; Frashure added, “Overall the feeling throughout the department was hoping it was some type of juvenile. You can never take those situations lightly no matter how harmless they may seem.”


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