Jeb: My Tax Plan Is ‘Dramatically Different’ From Trump’s, Doesn’t Blow ‘Gigantic Hole In the Deficit’

Republican presidential candidate and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush stated his tax plan is “dramatically different” from fellow GOP candidate Donald Trump’s, in part because his plan doesn’t blow “a gigantic hole in the deficit” in an interview broadcast on Wednesday’s “Situation Room” on CNN.

Jeb was asked about a tweet he sent that Trump’s plan “Looks familiar,” as well as his past criticism of Trump. Jeb stated, “Well, so he’s had two views on taxes. One, the largest tax increase since the beginning of mankind, literally a 14.5% tax on assets that would have devastated the economy, would have been a tax increase in the tens of trillions of dollars. And now he’s come up with a proposal that will create, according to the Tax Foundation, on a static basis, $10 trillion deficits over ten years. Now, there will be some dynamic effect of it, but that hole won’t be resolved. It’s not a serious of a plan as it should be, but the fact that he’s actually proposing something’s encouraging. Every time he talks about policy he’s not insulting somebody. That’s a good sign for the Republican primary.”

Jeb added that Trump’s plan is “dramatically different as it relates to, I think, our plan of simplifying the code, and reducing corporate rates ,and simplifying for personal rates, without blowing a gigantic hole in the deficit is a much better plan for high, sustained economic growth. But look, we’re going to have a chance to focus on this. I can’t wait to hear — see what his plans are about all of the other things. Because, up until now, it’s really just been bluster.”

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