Brokaw on GOP Debates: ‘Moderators Are Like Children — They Should Be Seen, But Not Heard’

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” former NBC’s “Nightly News” anchor Tom Brokaw took a shot at the Republican presidential debate process thus far, particularly in the wake of Wednesday’s debate from Boulder, CO hosted by CNBC.

Brokaw took aim at two of the elements of the debate — the number of candidates and the role of the moderators.

“We need to think these things through,” Brokaw said. “First of all, there are too many people on the stage. Secondly, it’s a big game of gotcha on the stage and from the moderators – too many moderators up there. I would break it up into segments, in which we’re going to do just foreign policy and we’re going to encourage you to defend your plan against Donald Trump. ‘And by the way, Mr. Trump – give us some details how you’re going to change the military in this country so they can be more effective against ISIS.  We went in there with the best military in the world.’ And let the stage kind of take over as a real dialogue that is going on. Moderators are like children – they should be seen, but not heard.”

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