Trump Surges: Rubio, Carson Flat; Bush Drops

Donald Trump

In a rolling poll that was only partially taken after Wednesday night’s debate, Investor’s Business Daily shows Republican businessman Donald Trump surging. Last month Trump sat at 17%, today he sits at 28%. In this particular poll, this surge puts Trump back in first place against Dr. Ben Carson, who was leading Trump by +7 points last month (24% to 17%).

Trump now leads Carson by +5 points, 28% to 23%.

It’s important to note that, compared to last month, Carson only lost a statistically insignificant -1 point.

Although the DC Media assured us Rubio was the Big Winner Wednesday night, the Florida Senator did not move the needle. Rubio sat at 11% last month and sits at 11% today. The same is true for Cruz who is stuck at 6%.

Bush lost -2 points, falling from 8% to 6%.

The Real Clear Politics poll of polls, which includes the IBD poll, shows Trump in the lead with 27% support; Carson in second with 22%. Rubio is at 10%, while everyone else is in single digits.

We’ll need to see more polls before the full effect of the CNBC debate is clear, including ones that fully take into account any post-debate shift. But as of now, the DC Media and the Republican Establishment’s bet against The Donald in favor of Rubio is once again looking more like bubble-dumb wishcasting from elites who are not only out of touch but incapable of learning.

This piece has been updated to clarify the timing of the poll.  

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