Dear Clueless RNC: One Word Can Solve Your Debate Debacle – Streaming

Andrew Burton/Getty Images
Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Earlier thss month, the NFL streamed a football game and 15 million people tuned in. The game wasn’t available on regular television or cable television. In order to watch, you had to stream it over your television or computer via the Internet. Fifteen million people did that.

Wednesday night, after we were assured it would never happen again, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus once again walked our top presidential candidates into a corrupt DC Media propeller. The CNBC debate was a partisan debacle. Why anyone who knows anything about the media would allow a hostile partisan (and proven liar) like John Harwood anywhere near a Republican candidate is beyond comprehension.

Fourteen million tuned into that debate.

Things need to change. Forever. The Republican base is explosively in revolt against a corrupt DC Media that continues to gleefully frog and scorpion us.

We were in a GOP temple-toppling mood prior to Wednesday night’s debate, and the RNC’s unforgivable, incompetent, serial-mishandling of our candidates has only fueled that fervor.

Thankfully,  other than John Kasich and Jeb Bush (according to the latest reports), our candidates are well aware of this fact and meeting this weekend to discuss a solution.

The only question that remains is when will Priebus and the RNC get angry enough to put the good of the Republican Party before the good opinion of a DC Media that only wants to see the GOP destroyed and disqualified.

Priebus has announced a “suspension” from NBC News participating in an upcoming debate. In other words, he is actually leaving the door open for the scorpions to get another swing at our guys.

With friends like these…

Dear RNC: If you are actually interested in winning the presidency; if you are actually serious about not allowing Democrats-disguised-as-reporters to try and disqualify our candidates in front of the entire country, let me give you a solution in a single word: Streaming.

Judging by the turnout results of the last two election cycles, the RNC doesn’t appear to be all that high-tech, so let me explain what Streaming is: It is a glorious license to f*ck the corrupt DC media.

Newsflash: Welcome to 2015, the year in which you no longer need the DC Media’s platforms or their left-wing hit men in order to put on a presidential debate.

Rent a studio, invite moderators who are interested in the issues that matter to Republican primary voters, hire a decent director and production team, sell ads to cover the costs and boost your coffers, and stream it over the Internet.

Please tell me what the downside is?

Can the corrupt DC Media hate us more? No.

Will the corrupt DC Media not play the best clips in the days after the debate? No.

Will fewer people tune in? Maybe, but the clips will still be everywhere.

If you’re worried about older voters still uncomfortable with streaming, why not ask C-SPAN to carry it? Why not invite any network that chooses to carry it, to do so free of charge? Heck, invite Netflix and Amazon and every streaming service on the planet to carry it free! I bet they do. And even if they don’t the clips will still be all over the next day.

Wake up! It’s the 21st Century. The corrupt DC Media gatekeepers are the equivalent of buggy whips: outdated and unnecessary. In 2015, you can control your own message and distribution.

You in the RNC are supposed to be smart guys, so riddle me this…

Why should rabid partisans who want to destroy us not only moderate our debates but also PROFIT FROM THEM?

And I’m not even suggesting we exclude the corrupt DC Media from the debates.

Add one of the handful of trustworthy mainstream media journalists to a three-person moderating panel.

No one, not the candidates nor the voters, want soft questions. No one. When the crybaby DC Media claims that is the case, they are lying and they know it.

For the sake of your country, your candidates, and your voters it is time that the RNC man’s up and does the right thing.

And never forget that the only thing stopping this from happening is the RNC.

P.S. Millennials respect anyone who pushes the technological envelope. Imagine if that was the GOP for once!


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