Pete Buttigieg Goes Deer Hunting in Michigan

Buttigieg goes deer hunting
Leon Neal / AFP / Getty Images

Mayor Pete Buttigieg joined his father-in-law for a hunting trip over Thanksgiving, an event the 2020 presidential candidate has been talking about on the campaign trail.

In his speech at the Iowa Democrat Liberty and Justice Celebration, Buttigieg said that his forthcoming hunting trip was one more example of how the United States was hungry for change.

“I’ll be seeing it in a few weeks on the morning of Thanksgiving Day, because in 2019 in rural Michigan, you cannot stop a man from going deer hunting with his husband’s father,” he said in front of thousands of cheering Democrats on November 1.

Buttigieg used a similar line to talk about his red-state credentials when he was running for Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

“I’m from Indiana. And I support the Second Amendment,” he said during the DNC chair debate in February 2017. “I spent Thanksgiving morning in a deer blind with my boyfriend’s father. How’s that for a 2017 sense?”

On Monday, Buttigieg told reporters that he used a rifle to hunt.

“Bowhunting is way past my skill level,” he said according to CBS News. “Rifle hunting probably is, too, but we’re going to do it since it’s Thanksgiving.”

Buttigieg’s husband Chasten also reminded his followers that Buttigieg was hunting during Thanksgiving.

“I’m thankful for a patient and dedicated husband who joins his father-in-law hunting, even when it’s snowing and freezing outside,” he wrote on Twitter.

Chasten’s father Terri runs a landscaping business in Traverse City, Michigan.


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