Trick or Treat? Tom Brady Pushing Healthy Halloween

Tom Brady UnReal Candy

Tom Brady recently dubbed Coca-Cola “poison” and questioned whether one can rightly label Frosted Flakes “food.” So, neighborhood kids might peg his manse as the home of a Halloween Scrooge handing out apples to petitioners wanting the king-size Hershey bar.

The quarterback seeking to play until he’s 48 through clean living hopes to encourage kids to eat healthy this Halloween. Though the crusade appears about as promising at Jimmy Garoppolo stealing #12’s starting job, Brady recently invaded a Whole Foods under a spooky skull mask to promote UnReal Candy, described as treats eschewing “excess sugar” and made “from the best ingredients.”

The Boston Globe reports that the company came into existence after the parents of then 12-year-old Nicky Bronner confiscated most of his Halloween haul. The child, naturally, screamed at his killjoy guardians (The article doesn’t mention whether he egged his own house in retaliation). Then they worked together to create healthier candies. They peddle peanut-butter cups and M&M-style goodies minus the artificial flavors, corn syrup, preservatives, and other stuff that separates the candy aisle from the health-food store.

Tom Brady endorsed the product. And he left his autograph and other items in the UnReal Candy packaging in stores throughout New England in the hopes of propelling sales. The viral video of an eerily-silent, incognito Brady leaving his autograph in a batch of candy at a Whole Foods sparked interest in the brand.

“A couple of kids I know had an idea to make candy without the junk,” the commercial informs. A few more prefer the idea of Skittles.


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