Maryland to Become First State to Tax Google and Facebook’s Online Ads

The state of Maryland is reportedly set to be the first U.S. state that will impose a tax on the sale of online ads. The tax will impact the Masters of the Universe, primarily Google and Facebook which hold the ad market in a duopoly that Amazon is only beginning to gain a foothold in, but critics claim the tax will be passed on, saying “This tax increase was historically shortsighted, foolish, and harmful to countless small businesses and employees, and Marylanders will remember it that way.”

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Google Teams Up with News Corp in International Deal

Google has struck a deal with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation to pay the international media giant for the use of its premium content in the U.S., UK, and Australia, a major win for NewsCorp that could have far-reaching consequences for the relationship between news companies and the Masters of the Universe.

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Dr. Drew Pinsky: It Is ‘Wrong and Bizarre’ for Big Tech to Censor Doctors

Celebrity doctor Drew Pinsky recently stated on social media that one of his YouTube videos received a strike from the Google-owned platform and was removed. Dr. Drew alleges that non-medical professionals at the Big Tech Masters of the Universe are now deciding what qualifies as accurate medical advice. He posed this question on social media: “Do you trust a 23yr old computer coder with your life?”


Laura Loomer’s Big Tech Censorship Case Hits Supreme Court Docket

The U.S. Supreme Court is considering whether or not to hear a case brought by Laura Loomer and Freedom Watch against Google, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter, alleging that the Masters of the Universe have been discriminating on the basis of viewpoint and coordinating with each other in an anticompetitive manner.

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Travel Site CEO Sees a ‘Change in Sentiment’ on Regulating Google

The CEO of travel booking site Trivago believes that the attitudes towards the world’s biggest tech firms have changed. Axel Hefer believes world governments are warming to taking on Google’s stranglehold on the internet, stating: “There is an increasing understanding that you need to set some rules that are specific to the digital world, as you’ve done in the offline world a long time ago.”

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