Career Crash: Rape Hoaxer Lena Dunham, Announces End of ‘Girls,’ Flees Twitter


“Girls” creator Lena Dunham, who earlier this year admitted she fictionalized details in a memoir about her alleged rapist and allowed an innocent man to remain under suspicion, has fled from Twitter claiming “It really, truly wasn’t a safe space for me.”

Time reports that the one-percenter will have “someone else post Tweets for her.”

Dunham also announced that her embarrassingly low-rated HBO show “Girls” will most likely end with season six. Season five is currently in production.

Dunham running from Twitter is an extraordinary act of cowardice on her part. From the beginning, the rape hoaxer’s claim to fame has been partisan provocation. Now that she’s made millions from HBO’s left-wing affirmative action program for the perennially low-rated, she’s fleeing the masses, the same hoi polloi she was so desperate to provoke with her narcissistic nudity, false claims of being raped by a campus  Republican and calling her five year-old sister a “sex property.”

Back to the safe confines of her velvet bubble she goes, safe from proletarian criticism.

So much for keeping it real.

As far as the end of “Girls,” even leftwing HBO can only keep Dunham on the dole for so long. Naturally, Dunham is being allowed to pretend the cancellation is her choice, you know, because with no other career prospects, what Dunham really wants to do is run an obscure website where the self-proclaimed sexual abuse activist doesn’t ask Hillary Clinton about her decades of rape denial but rather about a black man’s penis.

Never popular, never remarkable, because our extremist media agreed with her nihilist leftwing agenda, they propped Dunham up as a Potemkin Phenom.

Now that Dunham has been exposed as a liar with a sick sexual fascination towards her younger sister, the free ride is finally coming to an end.

Left-wing feminists ROAR about how strong they are and then scurry off Twitter and into safe spaces.

You can’t make this up.


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