Palestinian Leader Abbas Attacks ‘Apartheid’ Israel, Fails to Mention Terror at UN

Mahmoud Abbas and Jerusalem

Mahmoud Abbas, the chairman of the Palestinian Authority, viciously attacked Israel during his speech at the UN General Assembly debate on Wednesday. He notably did not cover any other issues aside from the Palestinian people, including numerous terrorist movements throughout the region.

“I come before you today from Palestine to sound the alarm about what is happening in Jerusalem. Indeed, extremist Israeli groups are committing repeated systematic incursions upon the Al-Aqsa mosque to impose a new reality,” Abbas alleged, adding that the Jews are “preventing Muslim worshippers from accessing and entering the mosque at those times, and freely exercising their religious rights.”

“This scheme that the Israeli government is pursuing, in direct violation of the status quo prevailing before 1967 and thereafter. [sic] By doing so, the occupying power is committing a grave mistake, because we will not accept this, and our Palestinian people will not allow the implementation of this illegal scheme,” he said, adding that Israel supposed actions were “aggravating the sensitivities of Palestinians and Muslims everywhere.”

Notably, Abbas and the Palestinian entities have never provided proof for the actions they allege have been committed by Israel.

Abbas continued, portraying Palestinians as helpless victims and friendly peacemakers.

The “obvious truth” is that a “historic justice has been inflicted upon a people and a homeland. A people that have lived peacefully in their land and made genuine intellectual, cultural, and humanitarian contributions to mankind,” he said. “These people do not deserve to be deprived of its homeland, to die in exile, or be swallowed by the sea.”

“We are advocates of rightness, justice, and peace,” Abbas, whose government pays the families of suicide terrorists, said.

Israel continues its “illegal settlement expansion” and its “blockade” of the Gaza Strip, he added. “Why do they do that to us?” Abbas cried.

They “deepen their hatred and racism,” the Palestinian Authority chairman said of the Israelis. He did not mention that Palestinians are the most anti-Semitic people in the world, according to a new global survey.

“Where is justice? Where is justice? Where is democracy?” Abbas ranted.

“We are working to spread the culture of peace and coexistence between the people in our region,” he claimed, accusing the Israeli government of burning Palestinians alive.

“It is not far from when we will raise the [Palestinian] flag in east Jerusalem, the capital of the Palestine,” he concluded, calling for the United Nations to continue to pressure Israel to surrender its land and retreat back to its 1967 borders.

Calling Israel an “apartheid regime,” Abbas said that Israeli citizens in the West Bank are committing crimes against Palestinians.

Abbas did not discuss any issues other than the “occupation” of Palestine and the supposed evils of Israel. Nonetheless, he received a standing ovation from many of the member states’ delegations at the UN.


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