Report: Jim Carrey Mocked Deceased Girlfriend’s Participation in Scientology

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Commenting on the news that Jim Carrey’s deceased former girlfriend Cathriona White was a practicing Scientologist, her friends claim the comedian had mocked the group on more than one occasion since the pair first met in 2012.

White, who died of an apparent suicide Monday shortly after her break up with Carrey, reportedly got involved in Scientology upon moving to the United States in 2009.

Scientology blogger Tony Ortega claims friends of White said she had been taking “survival” classes at the Scientology Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles, and were worried when she started dating Carrey again six months ago.

White and Carrey originally dated in the summer of 2012, but broke up around March 2013. They rekindled their relationship this year, but separated on Sept. 24, just days before White’s death.

Citing Carrey’s alleged criticisms of the group, Ortega shares an exchange between the comedian and a Canadian TV host, when Carrey joked in 2003: “I actually got into Scientology for awhile…and that’s how I got this nice glazed look in my eyes.”

Robert Vaughn Young, former Scientology spokesman who died in 2003, also related another instance in which Carrey reportedly mocked the group.

“One time Carrey delighted in calling [ the Hollywood Celebrity Centre and] wanted to sign up for the OT 3 course,” Ortega writes. “He had all these ‘things’ on his body, he said, and he wanted to get rid of them. The execs freaked a bit, saying that he had to do other things first. ‘No, no’ Carrey said. ‘I’ll pay for all those. Get me on that body thetan course, that’s the one for me!’ I mean, can’t you just imagine a Jim Carrey routine on body thetans?”

White had “stalled” on her Scientology courses leading up to her death, her friends reportedly said.

She was found dead in her Sherman Oaks, California home on Monday, reportedly alongside a suicide note with Carrey’s name written in it.


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